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Matrix MLM Plan is one of the most demanded and internationally well known MLM plan in MLM Business. In some areas, Matrix MLM Plan is also called as Forced MLM Matrix Plan or Ladder Plan

Matrix MLM Plan generally comes in 3x3 Matrix Plan, 3x5 Matrix Plan. In other words, a MLM Company can set a Matrix MLM plan with a tree structure that has 3 members in width and 3 members in depth (3x3 Matrix MLM Plan) or 3 members in width and 5 members in depth (3x5 Matrix MLM Plan). A member in the MLM tree can join 3 new members in the front line and get benefits of upto 3 or 5 level of downline members. Generally in Matrix MLM plan the width is fixed and normally upto 3 members and thus to get more benefits upline members are dedicated towards motivating their downline members for a network growth. The MLM Company can set a goal or milestones according to the downline members or depth of the plan and offer some extra benefits and bonus to upline members on achieving their goals.

In brief, the Matrix MLM Plan & tree structure comes in pyramid style with a fixed width or frontline and depth or downline. A frontline member gets benefits and commissions when he introduces a new member according to his level set or in his downline and the progress of that member

With regards to other MLM Plans like Binary MLM Plan or Spill over Binary MLM Plan, for a MLM Company, Matrix MLM Plan is quite difficult to manage & maintain. This is why to run a Matrix MLM Plan you need a professionally designed & developed Matrix MLM Software to run your MLM Company smoothly and successfully

Our MLM Professionals, MLM Consultants and MLM Developers works hand in hand to develop a customized and fully functional MLM Software which will work according to your Matrix MLM Plan.

Advantages & Benefits of Customized Matrix MLM Software

  • Fully functional and well designed MLM Website with Product management.
  • Graphical presentation of Tree Structure and Genealogy
  • Report generation as you require, like member report, payout reports, sales & purchase report, member joining report, level status report, sponsorship report, pin transfer reports, etc.
  • Automatic Payout on weekly or monthly basis
  • E-pin, E-Wallet Integration
  • SMS & E-mail Facility
  • and many more
  • Our Matrix Plan MLM Software Consists following facilities

    MLM Website : Professional, Great looking and Fully functional Dynamic MLM Website as per your Matrix MLM Plan

    Admin Panel : having all the features & reports, such as, Product Management, Member Management, Pin Generation & Transfers, e-pin & e-wallet facility, Commission Calculations, pay out details, Franchisee management, Sending Bulk SMS, Purchase report, lead generation report, Down-line Member Report, Genealogy, Tree View, TDS report, and many more…

    User Panel : having all the required facilities like personal profile page with Photo, welcome letter, genealogy, e-wallet facility , purchase history, down-line management, and many more…

    You can check out demo of our customized Matrix Plan MLM Software or visit our satisfied Clients portfolio who are using our MLM Software and MLM Websites.

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